Monday, September 27, 2010

In praise of the 12th Man (as featured on Seahawk Addicts)

"I used to regale my wife with stories of Chicago sports. Of Soldier Field. Of Cubs fans in summer. Of Sox fans yelling at Cubs fans in summer. And, in comparison, we have the normally stale, “family-friendly” environments of Seattle sports that have always diluted the experience for me. But as we walked toward Qwest Field, thinking we were getting to the stadium so early parking would be a breeze, I saw that same intensity, that same passion in Seahawks fans that I thought only existed in other cities. At 10 a.m., half the city was drunk, cooking brats on full grills and watching the morning games on satellite television. I was blown away. It felt like Chicago. It felt like those heralded, almost legendary Bears fans. But it was Seattle."

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