Saturday, January 30, 2010 - Why the Bulls have struggled offensively

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  1. stumbled upon the Bulls vs. Hornets game last Friday, mainly to see the Rose/Paul matchup. haven't seen a lot of Bulls games this season but they played pretty poorly in the 4th quarter.
    -sweet call by VDN to play henrich and miller, AND run pick and roll plays through that tandem with 5 minutes to play.
    -get the ball to Deng! he was exploiting a matchup during the 4th quarter, then didn't get the ball in crunch time.

    interesting that the bulls almost gave the game away when CP3 was single handedly keeping a bad hornets team in the game. so many wide open shots hornets teammates missed that were set up by Paul.

    i agree the bulls need a scoring option better than Deng, giving Rose time to develop his all around game.

  2. There's definitely a disconnect between what's happening on the court and what's happening in VDN's head. But you can't argue with the road trip the Bulls just had. Wow. It's pretty bizarre to see a team with the best trading chips in the league (outside of McGrady's expiring contract) hesitate so much to pull off any moves. What's the hesitation? The team lacks identity, isn't surrounding its best player with like-minded pieces, and hasn't shown any on- or off-court chemistry to make up for the productivity disparity.

  3. trade anyone not named Rose or Noah. you're right they can get a good piece back and shouldn't hesitate. watching one 4th quarter (in a road win) i could see they have no go-to scorer, just a lot of 1-3 quarter guys who tightened up in crunch time.

    maybe they're waiting for the offseason to sign one of the big name guys? not sure of their Cap situation but i've heard the Bulls name in talks about being the best situation for the top FA's this summer.